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Flying to Margarita Island Venezuela

How to travel to Margarita Island

To get to Margarita Island, you have to take an international flight to Caracas. The airport is not located exactly in Caracas, but it is in Maiquetia, a city by the coast, 45 minutes by car from Caracas, the capital.

Thanks to the internal connection between the domestic and international wings in gate 11, the airport is very secure. There are several daily flights from Maiquetia to Porlamar, Margarita Island.

The school can book you a round- trip flight for approximately US$40. The best airlines to flight to Porlamar are Aeropostal and Laser since they are very punctual. You must plan at least 3 hours between your international and your domestic flights, since check in is 2 hour before departure time for domestic flights.

You can arrive at your host family house any day before the beginning of the course if flying before is more convenient for you. Saturdays are the worst days for travelling because there are only a few flights from Caracas to Porlamar, and the last flight leaves at 16.00 pm. The best days are Thursdays and Sundays. We can book extra days with the host family if necessary.

Airlines with international flights to Caracas:

From Miami, USA, there are several Venezuelan airlines that offer good prices. You can also flight from Panama or Bogota to Caracas.

From Europe, we recommend Air France. The offer non-stop flights at excellent prices. Iberia and Air Europe are also good options.

Keep in mind that during Christmas vacations, December 15th and January 8th, flying Caracas-Porlamar is difficult. For that reasons we recommend you book your flights in advance. Try to arrive in Caracas in the morning of afternoon because the last flight to Porlamar leaves at 19:30. If you need to stay overnight near the airport, call us, so that we can book a room and transportation.

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Airlines that fly to Caracas:
Air France: Paris
Iberia: Madrid
Air Europa: Madrid
Tap: Lisboa
Conviasa: Madrid, Bogotá, Panamá, Habana, Panamá, Buenos Aires
United Airlines Houston
American Airlines: Miami
Delta : Altlanta
Dynamic Airways: New York
Insel: Air Curazao
Caribbean Airlines: Port of Spain
Cubana: La Habana
Avianca: Bogotá
Copa: Panamá
Taca: Lima Aerorepublica: Bogotá
Venezolana Panamá Sto Domingo
Aserca Sto Domingo, Aruba, Curazao
Laser: Aruba, Panamá, Sto Domingo
Albatros: Costa Rica
Rutaca: Port of Spain
Santa Barbara: Miami, Panamá

Flights from Caracas to Porlamar

Direct Flights to Porlamar:
Conviasa has a flight from Porlamar to Buenos Aires, 2 times a week in the high season and 1 time a week in the low season.

up dated March 2017