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Our Spanish Online offer:

Live online Spanish tuition through Google Hang outs:

Spanish lessons are organized according to individual needs and interests. Special technology knowledge is not necessary.  You only need: an internet connection, a personal computer or lap top, a PC microphone and a camera. The cost of one 60-minute class hour is US$ 20. We offer a one hour free trial lesson before registration.

Spanish lessons through Google Hang out






How does it work?
Our Spanish lessons through Google Hang Out last 60 minutes. These Spanish classes are very similar to our Spanish lessons at CELA classroom. Our online students receive excercises and texts via e-mail and return them solved before the class. During the Videoconference, we clarify any doubts, we check written production and read texts; and, we provide explanations and discuss interesting topical issues in Spanish. For further information and bookings please contact us at

You tube Spanish Grammar Tutorials:

in our You tube Channel you will find tutorials about some especially complex grammar topics. We frequently produce new content.

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Free Spanish lessons on Moodle Platform:

Since 2006, we have offered a large variety of free exercises, explanations and tests on this learning platform. You only need to register using a valid e-mail address so that the system will be able save the resullts oy your tests.

Spanish lessons through Moodle




Have fun learning Spanish!