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Our host families:

CELA is a small school; we have 3 host families that we have selected carefully along the years. We are glad to show you who they are:

Magda de Hernao: Magda has been one of our host families since 1997, the year we opened the school. She is a lovely and very welcoming lady. Her house has 3 bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom. At her house, she lives with her husband, Tulio and 2 dogs. Her son lives with his family in a small apartment located in the property. The house is in Jorge Coll, a safe area near shopping malls and 10 minutes by car from playa Pampatar. Magda does not speak English, but her son does. Like all our other host families, she has many years of experience speaking to Spanish learners. The house offers free internet connection. Magda is a very good Venezuelan cook.

Magda de Hernao









Maria and Jesus Romero: Maria and Jesus are part of a very kind family and they love to have guests. They have been a host family at CELA since 2002. They live in a comfortable townhouse in Maneiro, a very safe area located near the major shopping malls and Pampatar Beach. They have a son, Jesus Antonio (20), who lives with them. They also have a small dog. They have an extra room with a private bathroom in their house and another townhouse with 3 bedrooms across the street. Wi-Fi is available in their properties. Maria likes to join us in the excursions and she takes good care of the students; she helps them with anything they need. She is also a good cook. At home they do not speak English, but they have good practice in speaking to foreigners.

Maria and Jesus Romero










Yelitza Villaroel and Adriana Ybarra: Yely and Adriana live in a beautiful house in Playa El Angel, near all you could need. They have two big rooms with private bathrooms. There is Wi-Fi available on the first floor. Adriana loves to cook. They also have a weekend house in Guayacancito, Peninsula de Macanao where they go almost every weekend. Their guest students are welcome to join them or may stay in their house in Playa El Angel. During the weekends at CELA, we have tons of activities. Sometimes we also join them at Guayacancito, just for a visit or to swim on the beaches nearby. Yely and Adriana do not speak English but they know how to communicate effectively with Spanish students.From December 15th to January 15th, Yely and Adriana are not available since they spend Christmas vacations in the Peninsula.

Yelitza y Adriana









Transportation from and to school is included in the course price.

Host families do not include laundry service; however at school we have a washing machine and a dryer that students can use.

Hotel room:

The island has a lot of hotels and resorts of all categories. Please contact us and let us know your preferences and we will be glad to help you find something suitable. Prices range from 20 to 50 US$ according to the hotel and the services offered. Please take into consideration that it is very difficult to find hotel rooms on the island in the summer and at Christmas. The reservation must be made several weeks in advance.


There are apartments close to the school. The prices range from 30 to 50 US$ per night, depending on the location and comfort. If you would prefer to stay in an apartment please contact us on so that we can send you information.

For all questions regarding accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.