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CELA Spanish School online

CELA Spanish School Online

CELA Spanish School online:

We would like to introduce you to our Spanish school. CELA Spanish School was founded by Sabine in 1997, in Margarita Island. Up to September, 2018 our courses were total immersion classes. Since 2010 we have also dedicated to Spanish teachers training.
Since 2016, we have also taught Spanish on line.

At the beginning we were somehow skeptical about the possibility of teaching Spanish at distance. However, sooner than later, after a few lessons, we were fascinated and convinced of the great advantages teaching online has to offer.

Our first online students were our former students who wanted to continue practicing and mastering their Spanish knowledge. The improvements were huge and the results even better than those obtained in the total immersion courses, 25 hours per week.

We learned that the quality of the lessons did not depend on the teaching modality but it depends only on the team formed by the student and the teacher focused on a common goal: Communication in Spanish.

Not only because of this, but also because after many years of teaching Spanish, (Sabine -28 years, Nataly -15 years), we wanted to move on, CELA Spanish School is now CELA Spanish School Online

We are happy because we have time for each one of our students, we are able to prepare classes with enough time and we can focus on teaching Spanish, which is our passion. We like to make difficult things easier. We love to find simple ways of explaining the few difficulties of Spanish to our students.

For more information please visit our Website and request your free trial online class with us.