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CELA Spanish School

Spanish courses on Margarita Island since 1997

Sabine Loffler, school director, holds a PhD in Hispanic Philology from the UNED in Madrid, Spain and a Master's degree in Distance Learning. She also completed specialized studies in Adult Education.  Dr. Loffler is an ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) teacher trainer at CELA, and participates in national and international events regarding teacher training.  She is also a member of the Board of Directors at ASOVELE (Venezuelan Spanish Teachers Association)

Before founding CELA in 1997, Dr. Loffler was a Spanish teacher in universities and language academies in Germany.

CELA teaching team is small and highly qualified.  All teachers speak several languages, hold universities degrees and have continuous training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  All teachers participate in the creation of teaching material focused on the needs and interests of our students at CELA.

Our teaching and learning methodology:

Our school is small and offers personalized assistance.  The amount of students per class is limited since it is very important for us to guarantee fast and successful learning of the language. Groups are never bigger than 5 students; the average is 2-3 students per class.

Before arriving, students receive a level test by e-mail, in order to know about their previous knowledge of Spanish.  Or programs are based on the guidelines set by the "CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)" considering also special aspects of Venezuelan Spanish. 

In every Spanish course, (private, group, Spanish for specific purposes, like medicine, business, law, politics, or any other) the contents and methodology are set by the needs and interests of the students.

We offer 5 levels of Spanish courses: Beginners, (without previous knowledge or with little knowledge of Spanish) Intermediate A, Intermediate B, Advanced and Superior.  Each level is 50 hours of classes, except for Advanced and Superior (100 hours).

Grammar explanations are very precise; they include only a few exceptions to the rule. We based our teaching in contrastive linguistic to deal with specific aspects of the students learning according to their first language.  In addition, we take special consideration of Venezuelan culture, geography, society, politics, environment and language in every class. In our Youtube Channel you can experience samples of our explanations.

We recommend staying in one of our host families in order to maximize the Spanish learning experience and to know more about the life style in our country.

Classes are in Spanish, except for the first few days of the beginner level when a lingua franca may be used.

After classes, we offer 3 excursions per week to the most beautiful spots of Margarita Island.

We also offer Spanish online lessons through google hang out, which is a very good oportunity for continuing learning after the course.

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