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Venezuelan cookery class

The way in which dishes are prepared and cooked, the flavors and smells of a country: these are a very important part of its culture. At CELA Spanish School we are convinced that language is culture. But the Venezuelan culture is much more then language, which is why we accommodate our Spanish students in Venezuelan host families. And if you like cooking and eating, you will enjoy this short Venezuelan cookery course. It was conceived as an additional activity for our Spanish language students, but it is also open to other people who are not taking Spanish lessons with us.

Courses are offered on several Saturdays or Sundays during the year from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. A minimum of 3 participants are required. It will be held by our school director Sabina Loffler. Alongside her work as a Spanish teacher, she loves to cook and has attended lots of cookery courses.

We will cook the following dishes:

  • Empanadas (Venezuelan dishes based on corn flour)
  • Huevo perico (Venezuelan breakfast egg dish)
  • Pabellón criollo (national dish consisting of rice, plátanos (plantains), black beans and meat)
  • Pastel de Chucho (typical food from Margarita Island, it is a sort of lasagna with plátanos (plantains) and fish)
  • Quesillo (typical Venezuelan dessert based on eggs and milk)

The price of the cookery course is very low. Participants will receive recipes and a certificate, and they can taste the prepared dishes.

For further information please contact us by e-mail on You can also book the cookery course when booking your Spanish course using our registration form

 Just add the following statement in the comments line: I would like to participate in the cookery course.