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Tours and activities

In CELA, the Spanish course includes 3 excursions per week to the most beautiful places of Margarita Island. After classes, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we go on excursions.

These are the places we visit:

Pampatar and the light house
Restinga Lagoon
La Asunción
Tropical Labyrinth
El Valle Church
Marine Museum
Pueblos de Margarita
Playa Parguito
Playa Manzanillo
Playa Caribe
Playa Guacuco
Playa el Agua
Playa Zaragoza
Playa Puerto Viejo
Playa el Yaque
Playa Puerto Cruz

Excursions have no additional cost. They are part of the Spanish courses.

For the weekends, we go on excursions and activities that have an additional cost. Some of the options are:

Kayak tour in La Restinga
Jeep Safari
Venezuelan cooking course (at school)
Snorkeling in Los Frailes
Tour to Coche Island
BBQ in Playa Punta Arenas
Visit to Guayacancito, Macanao Peninsula
Food Festivals
Horse riding in Macanao
Hiking with the local hinking club

We also have trustworthy taxi drivers that our students can hire if they want to travel around the island by themselves.

You can see pictures of our excursions at our facebook page

You can also see pictures of Margarita at our webpage about the island at: