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CELA Spanish School online

FAQs Spanish online


Will I need to install a new program or App in my computer?
No. You will not need to install anything new. For the videoconferences we will use Google Hangouts. Hangouts is an App that is included in G-mail accounts. You will only need to have a Gmail account. That´s all. You can watch this video with the details on how to use this App. How to use Google hang outs for the Spanish class?

Will I need a special microphone?
No. You will only need the built-in microphone and built-in camera in your laptop

Do I need to buy a book?
No. We will provide you with all the didactic material you will need. We have a huge amount of didactic material and we take the best of each book. Likewise, we have tons of material created by us. We will send you exercises with solutions included so that you can keep advancing at your own rhythm. You can also visit our YouTube channel where you will find videos we created that will help you with your learning.

Will I need special technology knowledge?
No. You will only need to know how to use a Gmail account. The teacher will use the option in her computer to share her screen with you. She will share Word docs as an electronic whiteboard for explanations. The only two things you will need to do is listening and learning.

What language will we use in class?
Classes are in Spanish. However, for beginners we offer help in English, German or Italian; just during the first lessons.

How do I learn about my Spanish proficiency level?
Before the free trial lesson, we will send you a level test. You should complete this test and send it to us via e-mail before our first session. During that class we will talk about your level and about your ideas on how to learn Spanish.

How many classes will I need to reach my Spanish objectives?
The answer to that question depends on several factors. If you have no previous knowledge of Spanish, and decide to study with us, you can complete the beginners level (A1) after about 30 hours of classes. It will always depend on your personal objectives and the Spanish level you would like to achieve. The time needed will also depend on the extra time you dedicate to Spanish the rest of the week. Classes are only one more tool in order to reach your objectives.

What if I have to cancel a class?
There is no problem. However you should notify one day in advanced.

What if I cannot continue with my lessons?
It is OK. We can all have problems, plan changes, or sometimes we need a pause. However, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible, so we can organized our schedule.

Can I take a break during the course?
Yes. You can take a break and finish your course whenever you feel ready.

How do I pay for the classes?
You can pay after each class using PayPal, or you can transfer the money to our account in Germany.

What are the days and hours of my classes?
We recommend you pick one or several specific days a week at a specific hour for your classes. That way you can organize your learning better and will create good studying habits for your Spanish.

What do we do in class?
During our online classes we do the same kind of activities we do in our onsite classes:We explain grammar topics, we complete and correct exercises, we have conversation sessions and work on vocabulary building, we correct pronunciation, we read and comment about current and interesting issues, we study the Hispanic culture, we develop the listening comprehensions, and so on.

How is a typical class?
The first thing you need to do is open your G-mail account (that you have previously created). 5 minutes before the class, your teacher will send you a message to confirm if you are ready for the class. At the set time, you will receive a video call from your teacher. If you have send a homework assignment before the class, you and your teacher will correct it and make all the necessary comments. Immediately after, we will begin working on the topic of the hour. The topics and activities are diverse and depend on the plans for the day.

Are the teachers native Spanish speakers?
Yes. Sabine and Nataly are native Spanish teachers. However both of them know other languages which are useful resources for the class. In our sessions we can use our knowledge to explain some of the differences between Spanish and languages like English, German or Italian.

How many lessons will I need to be able to speak fluently if I am a beginner?
First, there is a difference between fluency and rightness. There are many people that speak fluent Spanish but make many mistakes when talking. On the other hand, there are many who do not make so many mistakes but lack fluency. The ideal situation is a balance between both. To be able to speak and understand you need to know first. The more you know about how Spanishworks and the more vocabulary you learn, the better you understand and communicate. Students that start their lessons as real beginners (they do not know anything) are able to communicate in most everyday contexts after 45 lessons. Nevertheless, we focus our classes on communication, so that you will be able to speak from the very first lessons.

What are the available hours for the lessons?
We are available from 3:00 am to 9:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays (Venezuelan time). This is a convenient time for students.  

How do I arrange a trial class?
Just write an e-mail to requesting your class.