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Flying to Margarita Island Venezuela

To fly to Isla Margarita you have to book a scheduled flight to Caracas (you do not need to worry about it because the airport is located in Maiquetía, a suburb of Caracas).

Air France, Tap, Iberia, Air Europa and Turkish Airways directly fly Caracas from Europe. Other lines fly over Panamá to Caracas.

The Venezuela Airline Avior connects different Southamerican and Northamerican destinations with Porlamar Margarita Island.  For example, Manaos Brasil, Bogotá and Medellin in Colombia, Guayaquil; Miami, etc

From the USA there are daily flights from Miami to Caracas with American Airlines.

There are daily flights from Panamá with Copa.

The domestic flight Caracas Porlamar is very cheap and can be booked by us at special rates (about US $ 20 back and forth).

We can arrange for you in Maiquetía English speaking assistance.

At the airport of Porlamar (isla Margarita) you will be received by us and brought to the host family. If you booked a hotel or vacation home, we will organise a taxi for you.

If you have questions about how to arrive to Margarita for your Spanish course please contact us at