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Legal Spanish course

Legal Spanish

This course is addressed to B1 Spanish students and above interested in the legal area. The duration of the course is between 1 and 4 weeks. The contents of the course are adapted to the personal interests and needs of participants. We propose the following contents:

Linguistic contents:

Usage of present tense, differences between ser and estar, usage of the past tenses in Spanish, prepositions, pronouns. The imperative form. The subjunctive mode: its conjugation and the use of all the tenses: present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect and future. Reported Speech, conditional sentences, relative sentences. Old linguistic forms used in legal texts. Types of legal texts and their characteristics. Phraseology in the legal world

Professional Contents:

Legal systems, law sources, the constitution, Venezuelan constitution, Indigenous Law, legal and administrative texts, The Judiciary organization, civil rights, criminal law, labor law, tax law, collective rights, mercantile law, international law. Intellectual property and copyrights.

This course is also available as private lessons On-Line