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Main difficulties of the Spanish language

Main difficulties of Spanish as a Foreign Language:

Spanish is an easy to learn language as long as you have the right motivation, dedication and clear and precise explanations.

The difficulties of Spanish are a few. They are always related to the fact that in Spanish we are used to dealing with a few concepts that in other languages you do not need to deal with. That is why they may look difficult to most students. Moreover most books and grammar texts do not offer clear and simple explanations of these main topics. In CELA, we have improve our explanation together with our students after more of 20 years of experience. Thus, we are able to give you simple and understandable explanations of the most difficult topics.

Here you can find a short explanation of the causes of the most frequent difficulties:

ser y estar (verb to be)

pretérito indefinido/ pretérito imperfecto (the Past Tenses)

por y para (prepositions)

usos del modo subjuntivo (the subjunctive)

On our YouTube Channel, you will find explanations to many Spanish grammar topics. Spanish grammar on Youtube