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Margarita Island

Margarita Island is 30 minutes away from mainland Venezuela by plane. It is a beautiful Caribbean Island with a great variety of landscapes and idyllic beaches. In Margarita you will find typical fishermen's villages, along with modern shops, shopping malls and restaurants in Porlamar and the surrounding area.
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Life on the island is very quiet and free from the problems associated with the big Latin American cities. You can read updated information about the political situation and the food availabily here.

The island offers plenty of entertainment options such as discothèques, clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos. Because the island is duty free, it offers excellent prices in products such as liquor, cigarettes and designer clothing.

Margarita Island is the favorite spot for Venezuelans to spend their vacations, and has become popular in many European countries. The climate is good all year round and, even in the rainy season, one can enjoy the sun every day. There are also opportunities to practice sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or scuba diving. 

CELA Spanish School is located in the beautiful residential in Palo Sano, close to La Asunción. Our host families are located close to some important shopping malls, and also near Pampatar, one of the most typical and beautiful towns. San Carlos castle, a Spanish fort from the time of the conquest, the Casa de la Aduana (House of Customs) and many typical restaurants are all located in Pampatar. The host families are also located nearby, which means that our students can walk to school each day. In the program we include 3 excursions per week to the most beautiful locations on the island, in order to let our students take home some pleasant memories of this beautiful island.

To get to Margarita Island you need to book a flight to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela and a national flight from Caracas to Porlamar.

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The school administrative office will gladly help you to reserve your flight from Caracas - Porlamar, if you wish. The school can also recommend a good, safe hotel close to Maiquetía Airport, should an overnight stay be necessary owing to flight connections. This happens very seldom, since there are flights from Caracas to Porlamar every 30 - 60 minutes. In any case, please contact us on or by phone on 0058 412 353 31 24.