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CELA Spanish School online

Medical Spanish online

Medical Spanish Course online:

This course is designed for those students interested in the Medical area. We recommend you have an intermediate level of Spanish in order to make the best use of the classes.

We decide the topics of the course together with the students according to their personal interests and specific needs. We recommend the following topics:

Grammar contents:
Present (Conjugation and usage), differences between ser and estar, negative clauses in Spanish, past tenses (conjugation, usages and contrast), pronouns, reported speech, direct and indirect objects, imperative, future and conditional, prepositions, connectors, present subjunctive (conjugation ad usages), imperfect subjunctive (conjugation and usage), indicative and subjunctive contrast, and conditional clauses.

Professional Contents:

Lab analysis, common tropical diseases, clinical records, doctor´s interview, Public medicine in Latin America, home and work health, pharmacology (uses of medication), alternative medicine, First aids, emergency unit, medicine on the net, preparing medical conferences, private medicine in Latin America, gynecology (pregnancy and childbirth), oncology, surgery, pre-surgery consultation, food hygiene, common gastroenterological diseases, common psychiatric diseases (dependency, depression), dentistry (dental care), Doctor´s curriculum vitae, and medical reports.

Students can propose the professional contents. Besides videoconference classes, we will give you a lot of material with solutions included, so that you can self-study and advance at your own pace. Videoconferences can be scheduled one hour per week or more according to your interest and availability.

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