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Present Subjunctive

Mini online grammar course Spanish Subjunctive

Grammar is an important tool to communicate in Spanish accurately and in our Spanish courses we consider it especially.

Spanish is a very easy language to learn. It has only a few difficulties for the people who learn it.

The use of the subjuntivo is one of them. In this mini online grammar course our students will be able to learn and practice conjugating and using the subjunctive mood at their own pace with our assistance.

The course consists of 5 Lessons with study material with instructional videos, exercises with solutions and exercises with teacher feedback by e-mail. The solutions have audio for the practice of pronunciation.

The written material of the course is in Spanish, however we also send the English version so that students can check if they have understood everything correctly.

The video classes of the course are on our YouTube channel

You can visit our YouTube channel at the following link: CELA Spanish School Online

The beginning of the course is immediately. We recommend this course on the subjunctive for students who have knowledge of Spanish at intermediate level, level A2. If you are not sure of your level of Spanish, we will gladly send you a level test by e-mail.

Cost of the course: The Subjuntivo Course Part 1 (Present) costs US $ 30 (single payment). You can take as much time as you want to work on the course. This course can be complemented with occasional videoconference Spanish classes to have oral practice. Information about prices and payment methods are on our page in the price section.

Course contents:

In this course we will learn everything related to the conjugation and the use of the subjunctive in Spanish. We will work on the presente de subjuntivo.

Lesson 1: Introduction. Conjugation of the regular verbs in the present subjunctive. Irregular verbs. The subjuntivo in sentences with ojalá, quizás, tal vez, posiblemente and probablemente. 8 exercises, 5 with solutions with audio and 3 with corrections and comments from the teacher.

Lesson 2: Use of the subjunctive in the subordinate clause. 4 exercises 2 with solutions with audio and 2 with comments and corrections by the teacher.

Lesson 3: contrast subjunctive mood and indicative mode with verbs of thought and the senses: creer, pensar, notar, opinar, ver, escuchar, sentir, decir, etc. 5 exercises. 3 with solutions with audio and 2 with feedback from the teacher.

Lesson 4: Subjunctive or indicative in sentences with cuando and other temporal expressions. Subjunctive in sentences with para que. Subjunctive / infinitive contrast. The subjunctive in the reported speech. 5 exercises with solutions and audio.

Lesson 5: Summary of the rules. Practice of what has been learned and final test. 4 exercises, 2 to be reviewed by the teacher.

Our students will receive a certificate from the school at the end of their course.

In this link you will find information about the teacher and author of the course material Sabine Loffler

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