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Sabine Loffler

Sabine LofflerSabine Loffler (1965)                                                                                                                                          

1990 Bachelor of Arts in Literature. University Central of Venezuela.
1991 Certificate of Interpreter and Translator for German and Spanish languages. Chamber of commerce Hannover-Hildesheim, Germany
1997 PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from the UNED in Madrid, Spain.
2004 Master's degree in Online Education, from UNED, Spain.
2010 Specialization in Adults Education UNED, Spain

Employment History:

1991-1995 Spanish Teacher as a Foreign Language at Commerce School Dr. Buhmann in Hannover Germany and Spanish Teacher in  Volkshochschule Peine.
1995-1996 Teacher at the University of Hildesheim Germany, Translation Faculty.
1997- present Director, owner and Spanish teacher at CELA on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Other professional development such as conferences:

2000 ENBRAPE Brazil, Teaching Spanish through the Internet.
2001 ENDIL XX, Barquisimeto Venezuela, Linguistic interferences and some basic aspects of Spanish grammar as a Foreign Language.
2003 ENDIL XXII, Coro Venezuela, Perspective of using new technologies of information in the Teaching and Learning process of ELE.
2006 ENDIL XXV, Maracaibo, Venezuela, Evaluation of the oral skill on students of Spanish as a Foreign language through the International Diploma of Spanish DIE at CELA Spanish School, Isla Margarita.
2007 Santiago de Cuba, X International Media Symposium, Aspects of Teaching and Learning Spanish as a Foreign language online through Moodle.
2008 XV ALFAL, Montevideo Uruguay, Some didactic and methodological aspects on Teaching and Learning the subjunctive mood in ELE class.
2008 Expolingua Berlin: The Spanish spoken in Venezuela.
2010 Rosario Argentina, International Congress of Teaching and Learning Spanish as a Foreign language, Proposals for producing didactic material for the ELE class.
2013 XXX ENDIL Caracas, Workshop: Analysis and designing of didactic material for the ELE class.
2015: Class about teaching of objetkt pronouns in Spanish as a foreign language at the Universidad Católica in Caracas, Venezuela
2015: Creation and Organisation of the "1er encuentro práctico de ELE"  in Caracas, Venezuela
2016: Organisation of the 2nd Spanish teacher meeting in Caracas, Venezuela: teaching Spanish online through Google hang outs. 
2017: Organisation of the 3rd Spanish teacher meeting in Caracas. This year main topic: How to teach and learn pronunciation.
2018: Collaboration in the Seminar: Spanish teaching practice at the Universidad Católica in Caracas.
2018: Organisation of the 4th Spanish teacher meeting in Caracas. Topic: texts for the Spanish class.
2019: Participation in the series of colloquia of the Pedagogical University of Caracas Ciso Martínez with a video conference on some interesting aspects of the training of Spanish teachers.
2020: Development of Spanish Distance courses for levels A1-B2


ALFAL: Latin American Linguistic Association
MATSDA: Teaching Material Development Association
ASOVELE: Venezuelan Spanish Teacher Association
FIDESCU: Foundation for the development of the Spanish language and the Spanish culture, test teacher for Venezuela for the International Diploma of Spanish DIE.