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Safety on Margarita Island

Safety on Margarita Island

Studying Spanish on Margarita Island

Many of our students would ask us about Safety and security in Margarita before they make their mind on taking a course with us. This is a logical preoccupation, since our country is being a victim of an unfavorable media campaign, mainly due to political reasons.

Not one day passes by without having bad news on the media about Venezuela. However, one thing is the news and something different everyday life.

Venezuela has 30 million of inhabitants. Our daily life is not very different from that of the inhabitants of the rest of Latin-American countries. You will find inequality, poverty and criminality; but, in our country, we also have many opportunities, beautiful and safe places, and happy and kind people.

Margarita island has a good level of security and safety if you follow the common safety procedures stablished in Latin-American countries.

In our school we offer personalized attention. Transportation from the host families to school is provided. We organized all tours and one of our teachers will join the group. We also give information about where to go and what to do.

For those who arrive from the international airport of Maiquetia (Caracas), we can offer customer service at the airport to guarantee safety.

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