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Safety on Margarita Island

Safety on Margarita Island

Security and political situation: In spite of the negative news and the recommendations of not traveling to Venezuela that some governments give, the situation on Margarita Island is completely normal.
As in other parts of South America, it is necessary to take normal precautions, such as keeping personal items under surveillance and not trusting strangers.
There are no problems with food. On the island there is everything: fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat, dairy, etc. The pictures of empty shelves on the Internet are old.
There are also no protests, the photos that are on the internet are from 2017 when there were protests in Caracas. On the island everything was and is calm.
The standard of living on Margarita Island is high. There are many shopping centers and entertainment centers, good restaurants and many activities for tourists such as diving and snorkeling, kayaking, visits to neighboring islands, etc.

The problem of inflation affects the local population. As inflation increases, the exchange rate also increases for foreign currencies, which is very beneficial for tourists.
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Due to economic problems it is sometimes difficult to organize a trip to Venezuela. We help our students in everything they need. Tickets from Caracas to Margarita, assistance at the Caracas airport and in general, everything related to the organization of the trip.

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