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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish classes online

Spanish classes by Videoconference

In addition to distance Spanish courses for self-learning, we offer Spanish classes by videoconference.

Videoconference classes last 60 minutes per unit. We offer a free 60 minute Spanish class as a demonstration class.

For videoconferencing we use Hang outs, Google Meets or Zoom.

Before the test class we will explain how the system works.

Those students who already have knowledge of Spanish will be sent a level test before the first class.

We recommend taking at least one hour of classes per week to make good progress in learning. Except for the students of our distance courses who with an occasional class for oral practice would have enough.

After each hour by videoconference we give additional assignments and exercises for the next class.

The hour of class by Videoconference costs US $ 20 per unit. There are special prices for class packages.

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