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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish course online Beginner

Spanish Course online A1 beginner contents:

Each level of the distance Spanish course consists of 12 lessons specially designed for autonomous learning with constant teacher assistance. The explanations are in writing, they have a video class with examples, exercises with solutions and with audio, exercises to be sent to the teacher, audiovisual comprehension videos, texts, pronunciation exercises with feedback by whats app and free production exercises for review from teacher.

Level A1 has translation up to lesson 11

For oral practice, we recommend that our students complement the course with additional Spanish lessons by videoconference on an occasional basis.

The main contents of course A1 are the following:

Lesson 1: (3 activities) the pronunciation of Spanish and the accent of words.

Lesson 2: (5 activities) the gender of Spanish words, plural, articles, adjectives, introduce oneself in Spanish.

Lesson 3: (10 activities) personal pronouns, conjugation of the verb to be in the present, talk about characteristics, adjectives of nationality and professions.

Lesson 4: (11 activities) the verb to be in the present, adverbs and adjectives of place, in the city, difference between being and there, text in the city, the verb to go, the prepositions to and in, the means of transport .

Lesson 5: (10 activities) Uses and differences between the verbs ser and estar, differences between characteristics, states and location, the verb keep in mind, pronunciation exercises.

Lesson 6: (14 activities) Conjugation of the regular verbs in the present, -ar, -er, -ir groups, the interrogative pronouns.

Lesson 7: (14 activities) the daily routine, irregular verbs of vowel change in present tense, reflexive pronouns, numbers 0-100, time, time expressions.

Lesson 8: (13 activities) irregular verbs in present continuation, food and meals, in the restaurant, the verb to like. Test.

Lesson 9: (15 activities) shopping, differences between by and for, demonstrations, clothes, in the second-hand store, weather, months, numbers from 100 onwards, dates.

Lesson 10: (15 activities) possessives, family, Hispanic names and surnames, the alphabet, spelling a name in Spanish, housework, the direct object pronoun.

Lesson 11: (14 activities) the human body, health, the verb hurt, in the doctor, the adverbs, very and much, good and good, the positive imperative, the accent.

Lesson 12: (13 activities) the imperative with the direct object pronoun, the past perfect, pronunciation of t and d, b and p, the diacritical mark, achievement test.


More than 40% of the activities are activities that will be reviewed by the teacher.