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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish course online intermediate B1

Spanish Course online B1 intermediate main contents:

Each level of the distance Spanish course consists of 12 lessons specially designed for autonomous learning with constant teacher assistance. The explanations are in writing, they have video classes with examples, exercises with solutions and with audio, exercises to be sent to the teacher, audiovisual comprehension videos, texts, pronunciation exercises with feedback by whats app and free production exercises for the review of the professor.

Level B1 has explanations in Spanish.

For oral practice, we recommend that our students complement the course with additional Spanish lessons by videoconference on an occasional basis.

For students who already have knowledge of Spanish we do a level test that we send by email. The test can be requested to our email

The main contents of course B1 are the following:

Lesson 1: (11 exercises) The difference between ser and estar, adjectives and adverbs, the verb gustar and similar verbs, describe people, audiovisual comprehension exercises.

Lesson 2: (13 exercises) Past tenses and their contrasts, uses of different past tenses in Spanish, review of the conjugation of the past perfect and the pluperfect, review of the conjugation of the past indefinite and the past imperfect, placement of accents and exercises pronunciation.

Lesson 3: (11 exercises) The use of the past imperfect in the reported speach in the past, the narration in the past, contrast of the indefinite and the imperfect in a narrative, narrating in the past, practical exercises.

Lesson 4: (12 exercises) Narration in the past tense (continuation), discursive connectors, a film synopsis, narrating in the present and past, pronunciation exercises.

Lesson 5: (12 exercises) The direct object and the indirect object, position of the pronouns in the sentence, practical exercises.

Lesson 6: (12 exercises) The imperative conjugation and use, the positive and negative imperative, position of the pronouns with the imperative, give recommendations, instructions and advice.

Lesson 7: (14 exercises) The imperative (continued) irregular verbs, imperative + pronoun, practical exercises, placement of the accent in the imperative.

Lesson 8: (13 exercises) Exercises to practice the imperative, write recipes and instructions, alternatives to the imperative.

Lesson 9: (13 exercises) The present of the subjunctive mood, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, the subjunctive in simple sentences with ojalá, quizás, tal vez, posiblemente and probablemente. The subjunctive in compound sentences, use, practical exercises, talk about expectations about the action of others, value the actions of others.

Lesson 10: (15 exercises) Contrast between the indicative mood and the subjunctive mood, the verbs of perception and thought, myths and truths about food, the subjunctive in sentences with cuando, the subjunctive in sentences with para que, the subjunctive in sentences with the verb gustar.

Lesson 11: (13 exercises) Expressions with double subjunctive, uses of lo, give advice and make recommendations, indicative subjunctive contrast, current childhood.

Lesson 12: (14 exercises) General review of the subjunctive, sustainable eating, comparison in Spanish, relative sentences, responsible consumption.