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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish course online intermediate

Spanish Course Online A2 intermediate main contents:

Each level of the distance Spanish course consists of 12 lessons specially designed for autonomous learning with constant teacher assistance. The explanations are in writing, they have video classes with examples, exercises with solutions and with audio, exercises to be sent to the teacher, audiovisual comprehension videos, texts, pronunciation exercises with feedback by whats app and free production exercises for the review of the tutor.

Level A2 has explanations in Spanish and some important explanations with translation into other languages.

For oral practice, we recommend that our students complement the course with additional Spanish lessons by videoconference on an occasional basis.

For students who already have knowledge of Spanish we do a level test that we send by email. The test can be requested to our email

The main contents of course A2 are the following:

Lesson 1: (13 exercises) Noun-adjective concordance, review of the present tense, regular verbs and irregular verbs, difference between ser and estar, difference between estar and hay, review of the verb gustar, free time, expressions of time, customs and pronunciation.

Lesson 2: (12 exercises) The pretérito indefinido or past simple, conjugation of regular verbs, irregular verbs, use, talk about actions in the past, the tilde.

Lesson 3: (11 exercises) Practice of the conjugation of the pretérito indefinido, the dates, review of the numbers, biographies of famous people, pronunciation exercises.

Lesson 4: (14 exercises) Lives that inspire, practice of the pretérito indefinido, pronominal verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, Guinness records, pronunciation exercises.

Lesson 5: (6 exercises) Contrast of the present and the past, the present with the value of the past, biographies.

Lesson 6: (11 exercises) The pretérito imperfecto, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, talk about customs in the past, describe childhood, before and now, use of the past imperfect in the indirect style in the past, pronunciation of ¿por qué?  and porque.

Lesson 7: (10 exercises) Narration in the past, difference between pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto, tell stories in the past, spell in Spanish, audiovisual comprehension exercises.

Lesson 8: (10 exercises) Contrast of the pasts in Spanish; pretérito perfecto, pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto. The pluperfect, conjugation and use, practice of irregular participles, animals and their characteristics, telling fables in the past, audiovisual comprehension exercises.

Lesson 9: (10 exercises) once upon a time, narrating in the past, conjugation of different tenses (review), the reported speech in the past, writing stories, transforming stories from the present to the past, the prepositions a and en, pronunciation exercises.

Lesson 10: (16 exercises) the future simple, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs and use, talking about the future, various exercises.

Lesson 11: (15 exercises) review of different tenses, difference between por and para, the verbs ir, venir, llevar and traer, use of the preposition a with an animated direct and indirect object, pronunciation exercises for g

Lesson 12: (13 exercises) The gerund in the present, conjugation and use, irregular forms, position of the pronouns in the gerund, adverbs, comparison, the diacritical mark.