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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish course online

In the section "Spanish Lessons online" we explain how lessons work and our methodology. Check this link for more information. Spanish lessons online

Lessons are part of a whole course. The lessons will take you to complete one level of the Common Framework of European Reference

Here you will find information on the contents and general objectives of each course. By taking Online lessons you may complete a level after about 30 hours of videoconferencing lessons (however you will also receive homework and exercises with solutions included for self-study activities)

Level A1 (Beginners):
This course is intended for students with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language. It is quite comprehensive as it deals with the basis of Spanish grammatical structures. The content is: pronunciation, gender and number, verbs "ser" and "estar", regular and irregular verbs of the present tense, the future with "ir a", and some of the basic verbs in the past tense. Everyday vocabulary is also taught on this course. Once the learners have completed the course, they will be able to: give and receive basic information, speak about their daily routine in Present Tense, buy and order in a restaurant, speak about them, book a trip, etc.

Level A2 (Intermediate A):
This course is designed for students with a basic understanding of the language and essential vocabulary, but without knowledge of the past tense. The content is: the past tenses (indefinido, imperfecto) and their usages, the future, the conditional, the imperative with pronouns and prepositions and its usage in everyday life. Once the learners have completed the course, they will be able to: speak about past actions and activities, give and receive orders, ask for permission, speak about future plans, give advice, make conjecture, etc. They will also be able to explain simple situations, as well as read and write straightforward texts in Spanish; however, they may still make mistakes common for this level.
Level B1 (Intermediate B):
This course is aimed at students with a wider knowledge of most of the Spanish tenses but who require revision and further studies. The students will review the most important tenses, and they will work on widening their vocabulary. Intermediate texts will be discussed, and the subjunctive mode will be introduced. Once the students have completed the course, they will be able to: manage themselves properly in common life situations, express opinions about politics, society, culture, and leisure time.

Level B2 (Advanced)
Students at this point know and have a good command of Spanish grammar and they wish to improve their fluency and command of the language. Common mistakes and errors are worked on in this level through small projects that emulate everyday situations such as planning a trip, writing a letter of complaint, going to a job interview, planning a party, making an oral presentation about their country, and so on. Once the students have completed the course, they will have improved their Spanish fluency and their knowledge of Hispanic culture.

Level C1 and C2 (Superior):
At this level, students have a great command of the Spanish language; the content of the course is agreed upon with the students according to their needs, interests, skills and cognitive styles. The lessons will deal more with writing texts, reading and understanding opinion, and literary texts.

All skills are practiced in all levels: listening, writing, reading, and speaking. In Level A1, acquisition and function of the language is paramount in order to allow a better and more creative oral performance in the future. This usually happens after the first 25 hours of class.