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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish distance learning courses

Distance Spanish learning courses with tutoring:

Our distance Spanish courses are designed for students who want to learn independently but who want the assistance, guidance and help of the teacher.

The course material contains all the information and activities necessary to acquire or improve the Spanish language.

It is based on the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for the teaching and learning of Languages, but especially considers the difficulties of students learning Spanish.

At CELA we have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language since 1997 and have worked with hundreds of students of different nationalities.

The course material consists of written explanations, video classes with explanations of the topics, exercises with solutions and with audios, exercises to be sent to the teacher for correction, pronunciation activities, reading comprehension activities, videos for listening comprehension and many free production exercises that are sent to the teacher for correction.

Each Course Level consists of 12 lessons with activities.

The contents of the courses are available in this webpage in the navigation bar.

Students can start the course immediately and work completely at their own pace and pleasure. The teacher is available by whats app and by e-mail.

For students who already have knowledge of Spanish, we send a placement test by email, which we return corrected and with the recommendation of the level of the course that we consider ideal for each one.

The cost of the course is US $ 160 and Euro 130 for the complete level (the 12 lessons and the teacher's feedback by mail and by whats app.

Advantages of this type of course:

  • Flexibility in time and space: unlike videoconference classes, it is not necessary to be connected to the internet at a specific time and day.
  • Consideration of the rhythm and way of learning of each student. Each student works the exercises at their own pace and sends their work to the teacher who will make corrections and recommendations. There is no time pressure. Students who need additional exercises on any topic can request them.
  • The course material is based on the real difficulties of the students who learn Spanish, and on the needs of the people who learn the language, so progress is fast and accurate.
  • The teacher is available to answer questions and support the student.
  • The material follows the methodology of distance courses in the sense that it dialogues with the student and proposes activities of reasoning and application of what has been learned.
  • Course topics are current and constantly updated and renewed.
  • Spanish pronunciation is especially considered from day one and continues to be perfected at all levels.


The distance course can be complemented very well with individual class hours by Videoconference for the practice of oral communication.

For information on individual classes by Videoconference visit the following link.

one on one online lessons

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