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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish for Beginners Online

Online Spanish course for Beginners level A1

(available from September 2019)

Distance learning Spanish course

This course is designed for participants without knowledge of Spanish, or with little knowledge. It is also ideal for those who studied Spanish long ago and want to start again from 0.

In approximately 200 hours of work the course participants achieve the A1 level skills of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, that is, the basic level.

The course consists of written material that meets the pedagogical requirements of distance learning, instructional videos, exercises and varied and entertaining activities, some with solutions and others with corrections and comments from the teacher and videos of listening comprehension with transcriptions. The situations of daily life and the information about the culture and the Spanish-speaking countries are specially considered in the course. You can work at your own pace. The teacher will assist you individually by mail and whats app.

Starting date: (September 2019)

Main contents of the course:

  • The pronunciation of Spanish (pronunciation will be considered throughout the course)
  • Reading in Spanish
  • The structure of the sentence in Spanish
  • The personal pronouns, use
  • The verb ser, conjugation in the present
  • The verb estar, conjugation in the present.
  • The adjectives
  • Uses of ser and estar, differences
  • The verb to tener
  • Introducing yourself and others, professions and nationalities
  • Differences between hay and estar
  • Words that indicate location
  • Conjugation of regular verbs in the present
  • Asking questions in Spanish
  • Negative sentences
  • The numbers and the time
  • Common reflexive verbs
  • Irregular verbs in present more common
  • Talk about customs and habits
  • Daily routine
  • Habits in Hispanic countries
  • Reading and understanding simple texts
  • Talk about your own preferences and other people's preferences
  • The clothes, paking the suitcase
  • Vocabulary of travel
  • The imperative (forms tú and usted)
  • At the hotel
  • In the travel agency
  • Meals and drinks (in the restaurant)
  • Shopping
  • In the doctor, the verb doler
  • Introduction to the past (pretérito indefinido) most common verbs.

This course is perfect to learn the basics of the Spanish language and to prepare a little for vacations in a Spanish-speaking country.

The course material is written in Spanish, but in the first lessons we give explanations in English as well. The instructional videos are available in Spanish and English. For the listening comprehension activities there are transcriptions in Spanish.

This course was prepared by Sabine Loffler, a Spanish teacher with more than 20 years of experience, PhD in Hispanic Philology, Master in Distance Education and specialist in adult education.

It is not necessary to have computer skills, or connect to the Internet at a specific time. You will receive the material in Word and in PDF and you will have to send your exercises and activities by e-mail to your teacher, who will make the comments and corrections. There are several tests to measure your progress and a final test. Once you have completed all the activities you will receive the A1 level certificate issued by our school. The course automatically prepares for the requirements of the most common official Spanish tests such as DIE and SIELE.

Course cost: US $ 80 single payment

Beginning of the course and duration: You can start your course immediately and finish it when you want. You can work comfortably at your pace.

To have a little more oral practice, especially towards the end of the course, when structures are already mastered and vocabulary is available, we recommend our private online classes by video conference. You can find out about this option in this link: Online Spanish lessons. 

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