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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish Imperative/los mandatos

The Imperative Mini Grammar Course Online

Course for self-study

This course is designed for students of Spanish from level A2 (with basic knowledge of Spanish) who want to work in detail on the subject of the imperative in Spanish.

This course is 100% online and consists of 6 videos that are in our Youtube channel and written material with exercises, solutions and exercises that will be reviewed and commented by e-mail by our teachers.

The written material is divided into 4 lessons.

Lesson 1: The conjugation of the regular verbs in the Imperative. Explanations and 5 exercises with solutions.

Lesson 2: The conjugation of irregular verbs in the imperative. 5 Exercises with solutions.

Lesson 3: Changes in tú and vosotros in the negative imperative. Position of pronouns in the imperative. 5 exercises with solutions and 1 activity that must be sent by mail and commented by the teacher.

Evaluation corrected by our teachers.

Lesson 4: practice activities of the imperative. Readings and reading comprehension activities. Alternatives to the imperative to give instructions. 4 exercises of free production with commentary by e-mail of our teachers

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