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CELA Spanish School online

Spanish lessons online

Spanish lessons Online

Our methodology for Spanish classes is really simple. Before we begin the free trial lesson, you will receive a leveling test that will contain several grammar and writing questions you should complete.

For our lessons, we use the App Google Hangouts which is included in any Gmail.
We will send you the instructions before the first class. 

The only thing you need to do is to open your Gmail inbox and wait for our call. The teacher will do it all. The teacher will share docs with you. We will use a simple Word file as an electronic whiteboard. During our first lesson we will analyze the level test results, we will explain to you the causes of some of the most common mistakes when speaking Spanish, and we will set a plan that will have your short term goals. In the "courses section" you can check the contents of different levels.

After this first lessons you will receive the documents we have worked on together. If you liked the lessons and you are willing to study with us, it is time to set the weekly schedule with the time and days you would like to work on your Spanish.

You do not need to have special computer knowledge. Everything is very simple.

If you have any questions, please write at