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Spanish test

Spanish leveling test

Do you want to know your current level of Spanish? Complete our tests. To do the test you will need about 30 minutes. The test has explanations for all answers in level A1, and explanations for incorrect answers in tests A2, B1, B2 and C

Some explanations have videos. You can take the test more than once. The form asks for your email address to send you the answers. We do not collect the addresses to send advertising. If you have questions and comments about the tests, if you found any errors or have questions you can write to

These tests only give information about your knowledge of grammar. For a more complete evaluation there are other aspects that we must evaluate as reading comprehension and oral and written expression. We can evaluate you in a private online class.

You can start now We wish you much success. The CELA team

Test of Spanish level A1 with instructions in English:

Test of Spanish level A1 with instructions in Spanish:

Test of Spanish level A2

Spanish test level B1

Test of Spanish level B2

Test of Spanish level C