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Teaching Spanish

Spanish teacher training course

Courses for Spanish teachers
CELA Spanish School on Margarita Island in Venezuela offers refresher courses for Spanish teachers who would like to learn more about Venezuelan culture and the Spanish spoken there.
The course is also suitable for other participants with an excellent knowledge of the Spanish language who are interested in Venezuela.

Margarita Island is one of the few Spanish-speaking islands in the Caribbean, and it can be reached via Caracas or directly from other countries with some charter airlines. For more information about how to get to Margarita Island please contact our office on

The courses take one or two weeks, and include three excursions per week to the most beautiful places on the island.

The content of the course can be arranged with the participants. The main topics are:

General aspects of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Venezuela culture and history
Design of teaching material for Spanish lessons.
Course planning and design.
Co-operative and collaborative work in Spanish lessons.

The course will be taught completely in Spanish by Sabina Loffler, PhD in Hispanic Linguistics at the UNED in Madrid, Spain; Master in E-learning, specialist in adult education, and director and owner of Cela Spanish School.

The certificate for the course participation is issued by CELA and ASOVELE, Venezuelan Spanisch Teacher Association.