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Spanish courses in South america

Spanish Classes in South America, Margarita Island, Venezuela. Spanish Caribbean

Learn Spanish in the Caribbean. Since 1997 CELA Spanish School on Margarita Island has been offering intensive Spanish courses in small class sizes.

We are members of the Venezuelan Spanish Language Professors Association (ASOVELE) and the Exam Centre for Diploma in the Spanish Language DIE.

Students come to CELA for a family environment, personalized attention and small class sizes which lead to a quick language progression, and in many cases, perfecting Spanish. Hospitality comes naturally to us, as many of our host families have worked with CELA for many years, becoming part of the CELA family.

Students are quickly absorbed by the fun of Margarita has as CELA offers free extracurricular excursions around the island. Three days every week after class, we visit the most beautiful and culturally exciting places on the island. Students can see everything from the paradisiacal Laguna de La Restinga, to beaches off the beaten track that are only known by the locals. For those who want to see more than the beach, mountain hikes, visits to the island capital La Asunción and the Maritime Museum are just a few more examples of our extra curriculars. Our teachers take a personal interest in the development of our students and these excursions are always led by a member of CELA.

The Spanish lessons at CELA cost US$ 195 per week and include the following services:


  • 25 lessons per week from Monday to Friday
  • 3 excursions per week to the most amazing beaches and sights in a comfortable van accompained by a member of the staff. Photos of the school and the excursions are in 
  • Teaching material and certificate.
  • Salsa lessons on Friday afternoon.
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This high level of personalized attention is due to the fact that CELA is a small institution. We allow a maximum of 12 students per week, distributed throughout the various class levels. Most classes do not exceed three students, though upon request, a maximum of 5 people are permitted per class. We offer classes from levels A1 through C2. In addition, we offer specialized subject matters: Spanish for Business, Spanish in Medicine, Politics and Governance in Spanish and Cultural Matters in Latin America.

Many of our students combine their interest in Spanish with that of sports such as Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. CELA students often divide their days between class and watersporting at the renown playa Yaque, one of the world´s best known beaches for these sports. Practicing Spanish doesn´t stop on the weekend: we offer activites such as scubadiving and and snorkeling in the beautiful Los Frailes, kayaking in Laguna de la Restinga, Jeepsafari in the untouched areas of the island, Venezuelan cooking courses and boat trips to the pristine Isla de Coche, about a half hour from Margarita.

Students can opt to take the International Spanish Diploma (Diploma Internacional de Español - DIE) at the end of their course, giving them an internationally recognized diploma for their studies.

Our host families are all located very close to the school, so you can walk to class and public transportation isn´t necessary.

Despite the fact that our island is largely incubated from crime seen in South America, recent increases region wide have begun to affect us as well. Our students don´t feel this increase; they are always safe due to the vigilance and personal attention our school has to offer. We invite you to read further information on Margarita island security or write to us with your questions:

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