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Spanish courses in South America

Spanish courses in South America
Margarita Island- Caribbean Venezuela 

Cela Spanish School offers Spanish courses since 1997 on Margarita Island, Venezuela, South America. Our Spanish language school is small and personal and it is located in a very beautiful and safe area close to La Asunción, capital of Margarita Island. 

We are the only Spanish school that includes in the Spanish language program 3 free excursions to the beaches in a Van accompanied by one of our Spanish teachers. 3 times a week in the afternoon we visit different beaches and interesting sights of Margarita Island. On weekends we organize different activities like hiking in the mountains, Kayaking, snorkel or diving in Los Frailes, tours to Coche island, venezuelan cooking course, etc.

Besides General Spanish courses in all levels from beginner A1 until advanced C2, in small groups or one on one lessons, Spanish courses for profesional purposes like medical Spanish, legal Spanish, Spanish for Business and Spanish course with political content are offered. Cela is also examination centre for the DIE, International Spanish Diploma. After finishing courses, students can continue learning Spanish through our one on one online Spanish lessons.

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Our teachers are highly qualified in the best Venezuelan Universities, native speakers and especially trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The owner and director of the school is Dr. Sabine Loffler PhD in Hispanic Linguistics by the UNED in Spain and Spanish teacher since 1992 at some institutions in Europe and Venezuela.

Our host families have a very important role in the learning and improvement of the Spanish language, they provide the opportunity to practice the contents learned at school and transmit important aspects of the Venezuela culture and way of life. They are all located in beatiful areas close to the school and are part of the CELA family. Transportation from the family to the school is included.

Margarita Island is located in South America, 30 minutes by plane far from the Venezuelan mainland and is far away from the hurricane zone. The weather is warm the whole year and it rains less. The island has more than 82 different beaches, some of them we will visit in our excursions. 

At this time Margarita Island is a very affordable place. 

Because CELA is a small school we can take care personally of our students and offer a safe and familiar environment.

Please read our information regarding security and food availability 

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