Online Spanish courses

At CELA Spanish School we offer 2 types of online Spanish courses that complement each other perfectly.

Complete online Spanish courses for levels, and

Live online Spanish lessons,

Online Spanish courses with teacher feedback:

Online Spanish courses for self-study with12 lessons per level. Each with a wide variety of activities with teacher feedback.

These distance Spanish courses are available in 5 levels, from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,C2 from beginner to advanced.

The course material consists of written explanations, reinforced by video classes that are also available with explanations in English.

The first exercises on a new topic have solutions for self-testing, then there are exercises that must be sent to the teacher for review and comment. Other exercises are free production and are reviewed by the tutor.

There is a great selection of listening comprehension videos with different Spanish speakers from both Spain and Latin America. Texts on current and interesting topics with audio. Pronunciation exercises with audio and pronunciation exercises to send to the teacher and receive feedback. Vocabulary activities and much more. The teacher’s assistance is constant by e-mail and Whats app.

Our courses are designed taking into account the difficulties of students learning Spanish. The most common mistakes are avoided from the start through clear and precise explanations and corresponding practice.

Each level has 12 lessons and can be completed in three months if one lesson per week is done.

However, each student can work at his or her own pace according to his or her motivation and time available. Each person learns in a different way. That is why our distance learning Spanish courses are so effective, they respect the progression time of each student.

Free placement test:

Before starting the course, interested students will receive our placement test by e-mail completely free of charge. The test will be corrected and commented by the teacher and we will recommend the most appropriate course of our program taking into account your current knowledge of Spanish.

Free trial lesson:

We send you a free trial lesson so you can decide if you like this methodology.

The prices of our distance learning Spanish courses for self-study with tutoring by e-mail and Whats app is US$ 160 Euro 130 for the complete level, 12 lessons. Course material and tutoring are already included.

In this Video we present our school and give more information about the Online Spanish courses:


Live online Spanish lessons:

For students who wish to practice orally, we offer online classes by videoconference as a complement to the course. Each lesson is 60 minutes long and can be booked at your convenience. Each videoconference lesson costs US$ 20, Euro 18.

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