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At CELA Spanish School, we offer 2 ways to learn Spanish online that complement each other perfectly. First, we have developed affordable, Spanish courses for self-study with continuous feedback from the teacher. Secondly, as a complement to the Spanish courses, we offer Spanish conversation lessons via video conferencing.

Our course program is based on more than 25 years of experience in teaching Spanish. It was designed and developed by our director and Spanish teacher Dr. Sabine Loffler. Sabine studied at UCV in Venezuela and holds a PhD in Linguistics from UNED in Madrid.  She also has a pedagogical education: Master in Distance Education and Expert in Adult Education, both at UNED. Sabine grew up bilingual German-Spanish in Venezuela.

We have the perfect combination of linguistic education, pedagogical training and many years of experience in teaching Spanish.

At our school we teach Spanish, with great pleasure, since 1997.

We would like to explain to you on this page how our Spanish distance learning courses are structured:

Online Spanish courses with teacher feedback:

Our complete online Spanish courses consist of:

  • Written material with explanations
  • Explanatory videos with examples
  • Exercises with solutions for self-control
  • Exercises to be sent in and corrected by Sabine via email
  • Videos with comprehension exercises
  • Pronunciation and reading exercises to send in
  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Interesting topics and texts
  • Creative exercises to send in

Communication with the teacher is continuous, by email, and by voice message (Signal, Telegram, Whats App, etc.).

The courses have 12 lessons per level. We have courses from level A1 to level C1. Level C2 is currently in preparation.

The content of the courses is based on the recommendations of the European Framework of Reference for Languages and automatically prepares students for the official Spanish exams.

As a complement to the course, we recommend taking occasional online Spanish lessons via videoconference to improve your oral skills. Of course, grammar questions can also be clarified in the video conference.

The online Spanish distance learning courses cost Euro 130/160 US$ per level and include all course material and support via email and voice mail. Our courses are inexpensive because we are a small personal school in Venezuela. We keep our costs low and want our savings to benefit our students.

Since we work online, we don’t need much space, save on transportation costs, printing costs, teaching staff, etc.

Our online lessons via videoconference cost Euro 18/20 US$ per unit.

Although these are Distance Learning Courses, we have a very good personal relationship with our course participants. Together we form a learning team.

For those of you who already know Spanish, we do a free, no obligation placement test to recommend the appropriate course level within our program.

We are happy to provide free trial lessons.

In our courses, we teach Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain so that our students can get along well with different dialects.

More information:

At this link, you will find a video in which we show a sample lesson of the A1 course for beginners. The video lasts about 7 minutes

Online Spanish course A1 beginners

Under this link, we show a sample lesson of the B2 course for advanced students. The video lasts about 7 minutes

Curso de español B2 avanzado

At this link, we have an introduction video. We talk about our school, learning Spanish and the course methodology (about 30 minutes).

CELA Spanish School introduction

On this page, you will find the full course content of the online courses per level and a sample video of a lesson from each level.

Spanish courses online contents

Here you can find some opinions and experiences from our students.

CELA students opinion

In the Distance Learning page, we explain our methodology and learning and teaching philosophy.


In about us you can learn more about CELA Spanish School.

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