Online Spanish lessons

As a complement to our online Spanish courses with teacher feedback, we recommend taking our Online Spanish Lessons classes via videoconference.

In the videoconference conversation class we practice pronunciation and reading together, expand the Spanish conversation on the topics we include in the course, make corrections explaining their causes, and talk about current events.

Talking to the teacher is very different from talking to just a native speaker. The teacher speaks slowly and clearly and makes corrections explaining the reasons for the most common mistakes.

He/She also corrects and explains pronunciation.

We select conversation topics according to the level of the students so they feel comfortable and capable when speaking Spanish.

Our teachers speak the standard variety of Latin American Spanish.

For the conversation classes we use our virtual classroom at whereby, which is accessed by a simple link. There is nothing to install on your computer.

We have a variety of timetables available.

We recommend complementing our online Spanish courses with conversation classes.

Of course, we can also explain grammar topics if students wish, however, grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension exercises are covered in our online Spanish courses for self-study with teacher assistance by e-mail, whats app, signal or telegram.

The cost of the Spanish conversation classes is US$ 25 per hour of 60 minutes.

The cost of the self-study courses with teacher assistance by e-mail is US$ 260 per level (12 lessons).

For students who already have some knowledge of Spanish we do a level test to recommend the most appropriate course at our school and to prepare adequately for the conversation class.

We offer a free 30 minutes lesson as a trial lesson.

On our main website you will find more information about our school and online Spanish courses.

We invite you to our Youtube channel where you will find our Spanish grammar lessons.

For more information and a demo class write to us at:

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