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Here we would like to give you information about the contents of our online Spanish courses with continuous teacher support.

On our main page you will find detailed information about our online Spanish courses:

Online Spanish courses with teacher support

Our online Spanish courses are available in levels A1 (beginner), A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Each Spanish course consists of 12 lessons with different activities, many of which are corrected by the teacher. Grammar is explained in our video lessons. Many exercises have solutions. We pay special attention to pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension.

In the following links you will find the course description of each course and a video with a lesson example for each level:

Online Spanish courses:

Online Spanish course A1 beginners

Online Spanish course A2 intermediate

Online Spanish course B1 upper intermediate

Online Spanish course B2 advanced

Online Spanish course C1 superior

Online Spanish course C2 expert

If you already have some knowledge of Spanish, we will send you a placement test to recommend the most suitable course.

Here you can read opinions of some of our course participants.

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