Online Spanish course A2

This course, Online Spanish course A2, low intermediate, is aimed at students who have completed the A1 course or who have basic knowledge of Spanish. For new students we offer a free level test to check their knowledge.

In this link you can find the contents of the previous level, level A1:

Online Spanish course level A1

The online Spanish course for A2 consists of 12 lessons with written explanations, recorded video lessons, exercises with solutions and exercises to send to the teacher. In addition, it offers graded texts, interesting topics and much more. The course has constant feedback from the teacher by e-mail and text and voice messaging.

In this video we show you a lesson of the course (7 minutes):

Video Online Spanish course A2

The main contents of the course are:

Spanish Grammar:
  • Review of regular and irregular verbs in the present tense.
  • Review of the prepositions a and en.
  • Review of reflexive pronouns, personal pronouns and direct and indirect object pronouns (review).
  • Review of the difference between hay and estar
  • The verb gustar (particularities)
  • Pronunciation (review)
  • The pretérito indefindo or pasado simple (regular and irregular verbs)
  • The pretérito imperfecto (regular and irregular verbs)
  • The reportet speach in past tense narration.
  • Alternation of the pretérito indefinido and the pretérito imperfecto in a past tense narration.
  • The pretérito perfecto and the pluscuamperfecto (participles).
  • The future simple
  • The prepositions por, para, a, en and de.
  • The gerund
  • Comparison in Spanish
  • The diacritical accent
Vocabulary, culture and daily life:
  • Leisure and free time
  • Customs in Spain and Latin America
  • Día de los muertos in Mexico
  • Numbers and time (review)
  • Biographies of famous people
  • Talking about customs in the present and in the past
  • Technology
  • Narrating in the past
  • Talking about the future
  • Traveling on foot
  • In the hotel

The course can be completed in 12 weeks if you work at a pace of one lesson per week. However, each student can work comfortably at their own pace according to their motivation and time available. At the end of the course students will be able to communicate in most daily life situations and will have a good understanding of Spanish if the interlocutor speaks slowly and articulates well.

In this video we present our school (approx. 30 minutes):

Video CELA Spanish School

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The complete course costs US$ 260 or Euro 260

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