Online Spanish course B1

At our Spanish language school CELA we have developed complete online Spanish courses where you can study Spanish on your own with continuous, competent and personal support from a Spanish teacher via email and voice message.

Our Online Spanish course consists of 12 distance learning lessons with written explanations, video lessons, self-monitoring exercises, teacher-reviewed homework, listening videos with speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries, interesting readings, vocabulary exercises and pronunciation exercises.

The course material is so complete that you will not need anything else. The teacher will continuously check your work and will always be there for you via email and voice message.

The online Spanish course B1 for the intermediate level is designed for participants who have mastered the conjugation of verbs in the present tense, have already studied the past tenses in Spanish, have knowledge of basic vocabulary, already understand some Spanish and can hold a conversation on simple topics. We always do placement tests for new students and recommend the most appropriate course for them.

The contents of the previous A2 level course is in the following link:

Online Spanish course A2

In level B1 we will review the key topics of the previous level and learn the present subjunctive mood. The course is in Spanish, we use the translator as a tool in the course. The video tutorials are also available in English and German. In addition, the course teacher is available by e-mail and by text and voice message. For students who wish to have more speaking practice, we recommend booking one of our Spanish lessons by videoconference.

In the following video we present a sample lesson from the course.

Video Online Spanish Course B1

Here we summarize the main contents of the course:

  • Difference between ser and estar and estar and hay.
  • Difference between adjective and adverb
  • The verb gustar and its particularities
  • The pretérito perfecto (regular and irregular participles)
  • The pretérito pluscuamperfecto
  • The pretérito indefinido (regular and irregular verbs)
  • The pretérito imperfecto (regular and irregular verbs)
  • The pretérito imperfect in the reported speach
  • Narrating in the past tense. Difference between pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto
  • Linking words
  • Object pronouns, position in the sentence.
  • The imperative (regular and irregular verbs).
  • The negative imperative
  • Present subjunctive, use and conjugation
  • Indicative-subjunctive contrast with perception and thought verbs
  • The subjunctive with future value
  • The subjunctive in sentences with para que
  • The subjunctive in sentences with gustar and its synonyms
  • Use of “lo” frequent errors
  • Imperative-Subjunctive contrast
  • Comparison in Spanish
Vocabulary, culture and daily life:
  • Vocabulary. Personality traits, describing people
  • Tastes and preferences
  • Prejudices and generalizations
  • Numbers, biographies of famous people
  • Pronunciation and accentuation
  • Giving instructions, making recommendations, asking for favors
  • Recipes and instructive texts
  • Expressing liking or disliking the actions of others
  • Food around the world
  • Shopping
  • Food waste

Like all our courses, the online Spanish B1 course has 12 lessons with different activities. If you work at a pace of one lesson per week, you can finish the course in 3 months. Of course, each student can work at his or her own pace without any rush. Everyone learns differently.

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In this video we make a more detailed presentation of our school (approx. 30 minutes).

Video CELA Spanish School

The online Spanish course B1 costs 260 $ or 260 Euro for the whole level.

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