Online Spanish course B2

The online Spanish course B2 has been designed for students with an upper-intermediate level of Spanish. Students interested in the course will receive a placement test beforehand.

Our Online Spanish course B2 consists of 12 lessons with written explanations, video lessons, self-monitoring exercises, teacher-reviewed homework, listening videos with speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries, interesting readings, vocabulary exercises and pronunciation exercises.

In addition, you will receive continuous, competent and personal support from a Spanish teacher via email and voice message.

The course is in Spanish. We use the translator as a tool. We review key topics from previous levels and go deeper into them.

In this link you will find a video in which we explain how the online Spanish course A1 is structured.: (approx. 7 min)

Video Online Spanish course B2

In this course, almost every lesson is accompanied by an additional reading

The main contents of the course are as follows:

  • The future periphrastic, the future simple, accentuation
  • Review of the tenses of the indicative mood
  • The conditional
  • Conditional sentences first part
  • Comparison with tan and tanto
  • Review of the present subjunctive
  • Use of the subjunctive review
  • The pluperfect subjunctive (review)
  • Irregular participles (review)
  • Indicative-subjunctive contrast with verbs of perception and thought
  • The imperfect past tense of subjunctive, 2 forms
  • Conditional sentences, part two
  • Por and para
  • Review of the imperative
  • Contrast imperative, subjunctive, infinitive
  • The imperative in the reported speach
  • Conditional sentences part three
  • Double subjunctive, expressions
  • Future perfect, use
  • The future in the reported speach
  • Prepositions
  • Relative pronouns, relative clauses
  • Errors in the use of “lo”, lo + adjective
  • Object pronouns, gustar and regalar
  • Indicative-subjunctive contrast in sentences with gustar
  • Comparison
  • Uses of mismo
  • Types of words and grammatical functions
  • Ser and estar with the same adjective
  • Passive sentences
Vocabulary, culture and daily life:
  • The future of some professions
  • Productivity at work
  • Unemployment
  • The environment
  • Adjectives in -able, -ible
  • Kilometric foods
  • Avocado and the water situation in Chile
  • Couple and housework
  • Giving advice, recommending
  • Talent or hard work?
  • Error analysis
  • Buying a house or renting?
  • Living on the street
  • City or country?
  • The drinking water situation in the world
  • We all lie
  • Giving and receiving gifts
  • Celebrating birthdays
  • Spanish in Argentina
  • Minimalism
  • Our garbage
  • Plastic bags
  • The cheapest house in the world

The course has 12 lessons and can be finished in 3 months if you work one lesson per week. But, we recommend to enjoy the course working calmly at your own pace.

In this video we offer you information about our school (30 minutes)

Video CELA Spanish School

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The B2 Online Spanish course costs $260 or Euro 260 for the whole level including the teacher’s corrections.

Join us on this journey into the fascinating world of the Spanish language and its different cultures.

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