Spanish teacher training course for natives

Practical Spanish teacher training course:
Online course for native speakers who wish to teach Spanish with personalized tutoring by an expert:

Are you a native Spanish speaker?

Do you want to learn how to teach Spanish?

In this course, you will acquire in 300 hours of work, the tools that will make you a teacher who will successfully help your students to master Spanish.

We have developed it for people from different professions, who are native Spanish speakers, and wish to acquire in a short period the necessary skills to teach the Spanish language.

It is also a useful course for beginner teachers of Spanish who are looking for answers to the questions most frequently asked by their students.

The course follows modern distance learning methodology.

Classes are taught through written material, videos explaining the most important topics in teaching Spanish and practice activities that are reviewed by an expert Spanish teacher.

It is not necessary to learn to use complicated platforms or to connect to the Internet at specific times.

Students work at their own pace, with total comfort and according to the time they have available.

Course Contents:

You will find detailed information about the course content in the Spanish version of this site:

Curso práctico de enseñanza del español.

Course certificate:

Once all activities and evaluations are submitted and after receiving feedback, our students will receive their certificate in English and Spanish issued by our school and endorsed by ASOVELE (Association of Spanish Teachers of Venezuela).

About the teacher of the practical course for teaching Spanish:

The coordinator and main tutor of the course is Dr. Sabine Loffler, Bachelor of Arts from UCV Caracas Venezuela, PhD in Hispanic Philology from UNED Madrid Spain, Master in Distance Education from UNED, Specialist in Adult Education from UNED and teacher of Spanish as a foreign language since 1992.

Please contact us for further information:

CELA Spanish School (Centro de Lingüística Aplicada)
Isla Margarita-Venezuela-South America