Spanish courses Educational Leave Austria

Online Spanish courses for educational leave. Teacher supported.

Online Spanish courses with intensive teacher assitance also fulfill AMS requirements for educational leave in Austria.

There is a fixed workload of at least 20 lessons per week.

Each Spanish course level has 12 lessons with a minimum of 20 hours of work per week.

Course material consists of:

  • Complete lessons with written explanations and explanatory videos (also in English)
  • Application exercises with solutions for self-control
  • Application exercises to be sent in, corrected and commented by the instructor
  • Audio-comprehension videos with exercises
  • Free exercises to send in
  • Reading and pronunciation exercises to send in
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Interesting texts and much more

More than 40% of activities are shared with the teacher.

Attention given to students is personal.

Our online Spanish courses for educational leave are available in all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

Courses can be started at any time.

Interaction with the teacher is continuous and personal by e-mail, and Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram and Videoconference if needed.

Course takes into account Spanish from Spain as well as Spanish from Latin America.

Course contents:

You will find detailed information about contents of each Level, and a video with an example of the Spanish lessons below:

Online Spanish courses content:

Other conditions:

Participants on educational leave must work 1 lesson /20 WoStd per week. Courses with less weekly lessons; 16 or 10 are also possible.

You will receive from us a completed form for the AMS. You have to submit application to the authority at least 3 weeks before the course starts.

After our students have submitted all lessons of one level, they will receive a certificate of the school and a certificate of attendance for the educational leave.


The price of online Spanish courses for educational leave is Euro 260 per course level. Course material and continuous teacher support are included. There are no other additional costs.

As a supplement to the course, we recommend book occasional individual Spanisch lessons via video conference for oral practice, starting with course A2. These lessons cost Euro 25 and can be reserved as needed and desired (optional).

With students who already have some knowledge of Spanish, we first do a placement test and recommend an appropriate course level at our school.

About CELA Spanish School:

We have been offering Spanish courses on Isla Margarita in Venezuela since 1997, and have more than 20 years of experience teaching Spanish.

You can find more information about us at this link:

CELA Spanish School

In this video we introduce our school in English, and explain how the courses work: (approx. 20 minutes)

Video CELA Spanish School

Our Spanish courses are listed in the continuing education database of the AMS in

Please contact us at for inquiries and advice.

Best regards,

the CELA Team

CELA Spanish School-Isla Margarita-Venezuela- South America