Spanish Distance Learning courses

In this page, we would like to explain the methodology of our Spanish distance learning courses and write about the advantages of this form of learning.

Distance learning, online course, e-learning courses, self-study courses,.. there are many names and many types of courses, so we would like to explain what we mean by Online Spanish Distance Learning Courses

In a Distance Learning course, the didactic dialogue is staggered in time and place. Students and teachers do not share space and time. That is why there is a special distance learning and teaching didactics. In the distance courses, the course material takes the role of the teacher. We teach through the material.

Thanks to tools like, You tube and Vimeo, we can record our explanations. Our students can watch the lesson as many times as they want and need. There we also have plenty videos about different topics from Spanish and Latin American speakers, that we can include in our lessons in listening comprehension activities. This way the comprehension is trained.

Via Whats App, Signal or Telegram we correct pronunciation and readings.

We correct the written exercises by e-mail.

Another very important feature of distance learning is that there are many self-monitoring exercises.

First, we train the new topics through exercises with solutions, and then the application exercises will be sent to the teacher. The teacher reviews the exercise and sends it back by e-mail with the corrections. Often with further explanations. The contact between student and teacher is continuous.

Modern learning tools include translators. We use them in the course. The correct use of the translator is also learned in the course.

The Internet also offers us a variety of interesting texts that we include in the materials.

We update the course material constantly and add continuously new explanation videos to our channel.

In order to practice the oral skills we have online lessons available via video conference.

In the course, everyone can learn according to his rhythm. In daily life we do not always have the same time available. The course adapts to any lifestyle.

The teacher is there for you personally. You can always ask via voice message or e-mail if something is not quite clear.

Our Spanish distance learning courses are available at all levels. From beginner A1 to advanced C2

Each level consists of 12 lessons with different topics. Students who already know Spanish will receive a placement test. We offer a free trial lesson so you can evaluate if we have the right method for you.

Our courses have a very reasonable price, 260 euro/260 US$ per level. As an Online School, we save many costs and let that benefit you.

Here you can find information about the course contents of the different levels and videos with lesson examples:

Spanish Distance Course A1
Spanish Distance Course A2
Spanish Distance Course B1
Spanish Distance Course B2
Spanish Distance Course C1
Spanish Distance Course C2

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CELA Spanish School Introduction

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