Spanish Test and trial lesson

If you are interested in our online Spanish courses and already have some knowledge of Spanish, we will give you a Spanish level test to determine which level of our Spanish courses is the most appropriate for you.

We send the Spanish level test by e-mail. The level test will be corrected by our teachers manually and we will recommend the course that best suits you.

At CELA Spanish School we offer online Spanish courses for self-study with teacher assistance at six levels from A1 to C2

For detailed information about the Spanish courses and methodology please read the information on our home page.

Online Spanish courses

The placement test is only for leveling students in courses at our school. It is not a test of language proficiency and we do not certify knowledge of Spanish.

Request the test only if you are planning to take one of our courses.

For students interested in our online Spanish courses we will gladly send you a Spanish trial lesson.

You can request the test and the trial lesson to our e-mail:,

CELA Spanish School