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Learning on line with Spanish teachers who know the interests and needs of their students and dedicate in exclusive to those students is one of the advantages that internet has to offer us.

In CELA Spanish School Online we teach Spanish since 1997 to students of all levels and different nationalities (online since 2016).

Besides our regular Spanish courses and lessons of all levels (from A1 to C2), we also offer our Spanish online courses for Specific Purposes (Spanish for business and Medical Spanish online). Likewise we design and offer conversation courses.

Online Spanish lessons can be private lessons or mini group lessons (2-3 students).
Besides our 60-minute videoconferencing class, we provide students with exercises and activities that include solutions, as well as interesting reading material, so that, the students can keep self-learning according to their own pace (without any additional cost). We make an individual learning program so that you can know how far in the program your individual learning objectives are placed and where in the program you are at any specific time.

Once you reach the objectives of any specific level of the European Common Framework of Reference, you will get a certificate from CELA that acknowledges your proficiency.
Before we start working together, you will receive a level test and we will offer you a free 60-minute videoconferencing lesson. During this session we will talk about your starting point and establish together the objective we would like to reach.

Spanish is an easy to learn and handle language. You will find only a few topics somehow hard at the beginning. Here we tell you which ones could be those topics: Main topics in Spanish Grammar

On our YouTube cannel you can find many simple explanations on Spanish grammar topics that we have created in order to contribute on the learning process of our students. Spanish Grammar in Youtube

Before the free trial lesson you will get a leveling test by e-mail. 

You will find more information here in our Webpage.
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Welcome to the fascinating and exciting Spanish World!

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